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sex and pseudonyms…

Posted on 16 February 2009 by Freya North

Many of you have been in touch asking whether I’ve written a short story for the infamous anthology just published, In Bed With….
It’s edited by my great friend, the marvellous Australian author (and so much more) Jessica Adams.  I met Jessica whilst involved with the Girls Night In anthologies – she’s a remarkable woman – read her book I’m A Believer – it’s one of my all-time favourite reads!
Anyway, back to the matter in hand, no – I didn’t contribute a story to In Bed With… Partly because I was up to my neck writing Secrets, partly because I’ve always written pretty raunchy scenes (yes alright – downright dirty) in my mainstream novels and thus didn’t feel I needed an outlet in which to do so!
The In Bed With girls have written under larky pseudonyms that combine their first pet’s name/ the road in which they grew up.  It’s a bit of fun and an excellent PR/ Sales angle – but I do wonder would they not have been proud to put their own names to their work?  And I don’t use the word ‘work’ lightly – I find writing short stories excruciatingly difficult – I could write three or four chapters in the time it takes to write a short story – give me 140,000 words over 2,500 words any day!
The shortest story my poor Dad has read was a mere 21 words long… It was the opening of my first novel Sally… and because the 22nd word was, erm, risque he hasn’t read a single word I’ve written since – and I’m now 10 novels and 12 years down the road!

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