Turning point…

After a long, steep hike which has been rocky in parts and downright slippery too, I’ve reached that strange and magical turning point in my new novel when the story is truly telling itself.  I thought you might like to ‘see’ how this novel is being written. At the moment, despite having a lovely office at home, I’m finding it difficult to focus there so I take myself off to a library with an expansive study area a 20 minute... Read More

Latest news from Freya

I'm hard at work on my 14th novel and it is partly set in British Columbia.  My character, Scott, is from here - though I'd never been.  I had the opportunity to come out to research  and I've been staying in the gorgeous town of Pemberton - half an hour north of Whistler.  Before I knew this wonderful place existed, I'd started writing it.  And then I came.  And it was here after all.   It's an extraordinary case of... Read More

Simon Pegg bigging up the humble hardback

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay9dnrlywO4 He might look like a Breton fisherman - but here's Simon Pegg and his favourite hardback books


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l6vwwFyMdU Shamelessly exploiting my 11 year old daughter Georgia, to plug my new novel the way back home...