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Well it’s all systems go go go! New website… and the publication of my 15th novel, Little Wing, on 20 January 2022! As most of you are aware, this is my first novel for over 5 years – but out of all the books I have written over my 25 year career, this was the most profoundly emotional to research and write and I SO hope you will love it. Set mostly in the Outer Hebrides and over two time-frames, Little Wing tells the story of Florence, Nell and Dougie. 

1969. Florence Lawson, a 16-year-old schoolgirl who dreams of being an artist, finds herself pregnant and banished to one of the most remote parts of the UK.
1986. Dougie Munro, searching for adventure, leaves the Isle of Harris – the island of his birth – for art college and a career in London as a photographer.
2005. Nell Hartley, content with her life managing a care-in-the-community cafe in Colchester, discovers a shocking truth about her family.

Between the sprawl of London, everyday Colchester and the wild, unpredictable Outer Hebrides, three lives collide and interweave as questions are asked and secrets surface. What happened to Florence? Why is Dougie now so reluctant to return home? How can Nell make peace with the lies she’s been told?
Somewhere far away the answers are hidden.

Intrigued? I hope so! You can preorder here: preordering is really important to an author as it ensures the book is given a good boost (plus this lovely link lets you choose which retailer you support!)
I’m currently in the final stages of my next novel –  working title Unfinished Business. If I could sum it up for you at this point, I’d say it is a love letter to youth… I’ll be telling you more about it over the coming months.

Life on our farm is good although the weather is grim and mostly I spend my days looking like a human tarpaulin, waterproofed from head to toe! Milo, my beautiful rescue English Pointer from Greece has been with us over a year now and is the most loyal and loving chap…as I write he is curled up and seemingly fast asleep and yet, if I so much as glance at him he’s wide awake and gazing at me. Felix and Georgia are now home for the holidays from Uni and Drama School and, after the silence of my empty nest I love it that the house is once again reverberating with different music booming out of each bedroom.
I hope you like the look of my new website – keep in touch. You know by now how precious my readers are to me…

Happy happy new year to all of you – be warm, be well, stay safe.  Freya xxx