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Welcome to the bookshop. If you click on a title you will find different editions to choose from - some are limited so snap them up. I’ll add to the stock regularly. Books will be sent by Royal Mail Tracked or courier and there’s a flat rate P&P of £2.99 (apart from Fish & Chips where the postage is free!) There’s also the option for you to have your copies personalised and signed by me. I am so sorry but at the moment I can only ship to the UK.

Pillow Talk

From: £7.00

The sleepwalker.
By day, Petra Flint is a talented jeweller working in a lively London studio. By night, she sleepwalks. She has 40 carats of the world’s rarest gemstone under her mattress but it’s the skeletons in her closet that make it difficult for her to rest.

The insomniac.
At one time a promising songwriter, Arlo Savidge now teaches music at a boys’ boarding school in North Yorkshire. He assumes he’s happy with his isolated lifestyle. But, like Petra, ghosts from his past disturb his sleep.

Putting the past to bed.
Petra and Arlo loved each other from afar during their schooldays. Now, seventeen years later, in a tiny sweetshop one rainy day, they stand before each other once more. Could this be their second chance?

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