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The Unfinished Business of Eadie Browne

In my room, beloved student house Hathersage Road, 1988 "Eadie Browne is an odd child with unusual parents, living in a strange house neighbouring the local cemetery. Bullied at school - but protected by her two best friends Celeste and Josh and her many imaginary friends lying six feet under next door - Eadie muddles [...]
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Nearly there… nearly there…

I'm a couple of days away from completing my 16th novel - working title "Unfinished Business" - and I'm looking forward to you meeting new characters. But my goodness it's been a tough and arduous process excavating this story from the depths of my creativity! If writing Little Wing was like freewheeling down a lovely [...]
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All points North…

I tell you, I'm quite overwhelmed by how much love is out there for Little Wing. If you have bought a copy to read or to listen to - heartfelt thanks. Don't you just love this alternative cover - it's the Australia / New Zealand edition and the map is by a talented artist Eilidh [...]
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New news!

Well it’s all systems go go go! New website… and the publication of my 15th novel, Little Wing, on 20 January 2022! As most of you are aware, this is my first novel for over 5 years – but out of all the books I have written over my 25 year career, this was the most profoundly [...]
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