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I tell you, I’m quite overwhelmed by how much love is out there for Little Wing. If you have bought a copy to read or to listen to – heartfelt thanks. Don’t you just love this alternative cover – it’s the Australia / New Zealand edition and the map is by a talented artist Eilidh Jamieson who lives on the Isle of Lewis – have a look at her gorgeous website. I have loved all the messages that have come in about this 15th novel of mine – and they have truly given me a real lift, not least because I’m REALLY struggling with my new novel. If my experience of writing Little Wing was like freewheeling on my bike, this new novel is a slow climb uphill on a bike that needs a service! I’ll get there… I always do! And I do love all my new characters and the setting of Manchester in the late 1980s/ early 1990s (and yes I know the photo is of me in Liverpool – but who wouldn’t want to pose in a pair of magnificent angel wings?!)

I’ve had the opportunity to do some lovely events recently and there are more to come. I’m off to Scotland soon and I’ll be at Aye Write in Glasgow on 6th May before heading back to the Outer Hebrides for a few days breathing space and two events there which I’m SO looking forward to. One at the HARRIS HOTEL (as featured in Little Wing) on 10th May and another at AN LANNTAIR in Stornoway on 11th May. I have other events planned – and will post here as soon as they are confirmed.

Thank you for those who have responded so supportively to my Happy Place podcast with gorgeous Fearne Cotton. I was nervous about revealing what I’d been through but then I came to see how, if I am able to put feelings and experiences into words, I have a duty to do so in the hope that it might support others.