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He’s out of sight, she’s out of her mind.

Polly Fenton is about to embark on a year-long teachers’ exchange to America. Swapping cottage pie for corn dogs is one thing, but trading lives with her American counterpart, Jen, is quite another.

The minute Polly’s feet touch down Stateside, she’s swept off them altogether. When she meets Chip Jonson, the school athletic trainer, all thoughts of home suddenly disappear.

Spanning three terms and two countries, this is a sparky and sassy story of New England and Old England, fidelity and flirtation, receiving one’s comeuppance – and making amends.


A Personal Note from Freya

When I was trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to do a PhD, I went travelling in the USA one summer. I fell in love with Vermont – its landscape, its people, their way of life. I finished writing Chloe in summer 1996, Sally was due to be published that November – which gave me ample time to return to New England and to the love people I’d met 6 years previously. But I wasn’t returning as a tourist – I had my writer’s cap on this time. With the American links in this novel, it was fitting to have the launch party at Joe Allen in London. Burgers and fries all round. But by then, with the third book done, dusted and riding high in the charts, my thoughts turned from America to Europe – specifically France, the setting for my fourth novel, Cat.